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Christmas Discount 

I am feeling in the festive mood so I have decided to do a little discount 

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Travellers Guide ft @curltureuk 

A few months back I reached out to the two beauties at @curltureuk regarding a collaboration with my #TravelEatSlay tshirts and boy did they deliver. Not only did they support me but they showcased a few other black owned businesses #supportsmallbusinesses during their trip to Gambia. Order yours via traveleatslay@gmail.com

Let the pictures do the talking.. thanks again Jay & Tri

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Beautiful irony..

Happy Wednesday 😉

I am currently reading a book entitled ​”Women of Courage” and wanted to share this reading.. 

As she courageously sacrificed her rights as a mother and let go of her baby son, God turned the situation around completely.  He placed the child in his mother’s care and even arranged for Pharaohs’ daughter to pay her to nurse him.  Imagine the joy and love Jochebed must have felt as the details of this plan unfolded.  Just as Abraham gave up his son, Isaac, only to receive him back, Jochebed courageously placed her baby in the river, only to be commanded to care for him by the same royal family who sought to slaughter him.  Oh, the incredible, beautiful irony