Goodie Bag Culture

It goes without saying that a child’s birthday party without a goodie bag is a “flop” to some in the African community.

As a parent hosting a party not only do you have to find a suitable venue, feed the guests and their  plus 1’s and arrange a good entertainer for the kids. But your number one priority is to make sure you account for a goodie bag for each child guest.

From party to party the contents of a goodie bag vary according to the age of the celebrant and the budget of the host parents.

Not one fits all.

The timing of handing out the goodie bag can be critical. You can opt to hand out a bag upon arrival or mid way after all the party games are out of the way or even leave it right til the end as a send off while your guests are leaving.

Whatever route you decide to take once the party host announces “it’s time for goodie bags” one should expect a stampede of screaming children to one side of the room. Even grown adults will be queueing to take a bag for their child or niece/nephew that couldn’t make it to the party.

Two points not forget here:

1) make sure you have more than enough goodie bags to go around

2) if you have separate bags for boys and girls make sure each bag has the exact number of contents inside.

The points above will avoid angry children and complaining adults that there are things missing.

Whatever happened to just attending a party, enjoying your time with the celebrant, giving them a gift and then going home?

When did we become expectant of receiving goodie bags for attending a party and complaining about it when one isn’t given or is nothing compared to the previous party attended?

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