Creating Your Queendom

Miss T. N. king

July 17, 2014:
“I have officially hit rock bottom today….It seems like everyone’s dreams are coming true except mine.  I feel like I’ve wasted the last 21 years of my life.  Every morning I wake up feeling worthless and purposeless.  I just want to be happy.  I just want to feel wanted.  I want to feel meaningful.  I don’t feel valued.  I feel like I’m not good enough.  I feel like a caged bird trapped and unable to fly…”  -Excerpt from Miss T.N. King personal diary

Those are the words of a recent college graduate who had been unemployed for 7 months and hated having to move back home with her parents.  I was very close in getting job offers, but none of them fell through.  I was so frustrated and depressed.  Never in my life have I experienced so much rejection.  All I wanted was to move to Texas, be independent…

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