Queencaz takes Uzima 2014

I just rounded up a hectic day of exhibiting at the 2014 Uzima Expo event which took place at the Conway Hall in Holbourn, London.

My day kicked off with a 6:30 wake up, got dressed for a church service which wrapped up at 9am. With a quick change around and running after a bus while dragging a suitcase full of #QueencazColletion goodies, I managed to meet up with my sister and catch the Dlr train to Bank.

We arrived to Conway Hall in good time, set up was a breeze and by 12pm when doors were open to the public we were eager for kick off.

Queencaz at Uzima 2014

Overall the day was fun & yet another great chance to showcase the #QueencazCollection. I met some new inspirational clients as well as some familiar faces. Despite the hall feeling a bit like a sauna due to no air conditioning the event turn out was a success.

Queencaz at Uzima 2014

I would recommend this show to anyone both as an attendee and an exhibitor.

Kudos to the organizers (Sister E)

Until we meet again

Caz x


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