Crotchet Braiding Review


Over the weekend I decided to install crotchet braids as part of a protective hair style.

This was my first attempt and after watching countless YouTube videos I finally styled upon a good tutorial by Fortheloveofmyfro

I went to the hair salon and equipped myself with the necessary hair and crotchet needle. The hair that I opted to use is the Model Model Glance Braid Water Wave, Kanekalon type as opposed to the Marley hair which was being used in the tutorial. The same technique still applies no matter the hair type.


If you want to try out this style I would suggest

  • to have plenty of time as the installing process can be time consuming. It took me about 3-4 hours – pretty good for a 1st attempt.
  • Have patience, by using wavy/curly hair when installing at times the hair gets tangled. It’s frustrating but get over it and just correct the error.
  • to have inspiring upbeat music to help the time pass by.
  • make sure you prep your hair underneath, wash deep condition the hair before flat twisting or cornrowing before installing.
  • You don’t have to be an expect at braiding or cornrowing your hair underneath just make sure that it is secure enough.
  • Make sure when you insert the crotchet tool into your hair the clasp is tightly closed to avoid it tagging on your own hair and the extensions

I will be perfecting this technique with different extentions…

Watch this space

Queencaz x



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