Afro Hair & Beauty Review


Today I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Afro Hair and Beauty show held at the Business Design Centre in Angel, London.

I was glad that me and my friend Lisa (pictured above) bagged the two tickets for £12 deal via Thank YOU!!
Prior to attending the show I heard of previous comments from past attendees which were not all positive- so I didn’t have much expectations heading to the show.

To summarize

Good points:

The show had various sections to it which included a natural hair zone, pampering, on the spot stylist consultation, health check, afro chic boutique, prize draws, seminars & workshops to name a few.

The fierce models of EMILE London

The good looking, shirtless male models who came on stage during the hair show… #drool


It was a great place to promote my #QueencazCollection earrings which I got many comments on 😉


The ORS photo booth was a brilliant and interactive idea.


The live demonstrations by Felicia Leatherwood with Beautiful Textures curly to straight application.

As well as the Aunt Jackie’s demo

Networking and making new friends


W/ @Deniseme29 she tried the curly to straight application and she will be doing a YouTube follow up post on her journey.

Got a mini interview with “Kicking it with the Kinks” – can’t want to see how it turns out.

Entered into a cover girl competition with Black BeautyMagazine

Bad points:

Despite having quite a handful of exhibitors present I think the exhibition room could have been layed out differently to make better use of the space the entrance seemed very empty.

Not enough sample products. Not sure about you but I like to have sample products in order to try out before investing my money on a product.

Not a wide range of focus on #naturalhair products. As I am natural I need to see what is out there and that need – needs to be fulfilled at an “Afro Hair & Beauty show” go figure!!

Not many bad points however would I attend again ?? I’m not too sure.

Other interesting finds during the show:

Lovely Jewellery pieces provided by Empress House for more information and a look book:
Social media: @empresshouseltd

Clothing from ROOOI inspired by Nigerian iro and buba styles but using satin material:


No chemicals, synthetics and no animal testing natural hair and body products offered by Mrs Milli’s very inspiring family owned business:
Social media: @realmrsmills

Kenza Accessories
Gorgeous statement pieces


Did you get to visit the show? Share your thoughts

Until next time

Caz x


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