Know your worth

Having been single for quite some time
waiting for the good Lord to bring along
that special someone in her life.

That guy that breaks all barriers
Intelligent, sexy,
Challenging yet charismatic
The Ken to her Barbie
Adam to her Eve before
The tree of knowledge
Heck even the Bobby to her Whitney Minus the toxins

Jane found herself questioning
“Can I be in a relationship?”
Will I be ready when Mr Right comes along?
Or will the rejections she gave to Tom Dick & Harry in the past chase him away?
Perhaps he has already come and gone
But the deluded standards that she holds so deep made it impossible for her to recognize
His potential

At times in life we want to find a partner who measures up to a checklist or
fits a certain bubble
He gotta have a job
6 figures or more
He gotta drive the latest whipWith those chrome wheels spinnin’
And so on
With a certified Mr Right how do YOU measure up?

It’s not only about what the other person has to offer
What do you bring to the plate?

Something that Jane still has to find out

“Know your worth”

These are the memoirs of a single girl searching



One thought on “Know your worth

  1. I wish you well in your pursuits. I’m always honored when people commit to following my blog, and a little awed as well — the responsibility to putting out work that people want to read. But, I have found out that the most important person I have to please, ultimately, is myself. If I don’t do that, it doesn’t matter how many I please in the long run. Sounds a little self-serving at first, but it’s true… 🙂

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