Friday inspiration

I was not aware that rape was mentioned in the bible..

Each day with my bible I am learning new things.

The story of Tamar and Amnons her brother who betrayed and stole her innocence. In life some of us have experienced the same betrayal – may not be rape- but you get what I mean.

2 Samuel 13

The fact that Tamar then wore the robe of shame and blamed herself for the actions of her brother is what hurts me. Its understandable to question whether you are to blame for such violations despite you being kind/good person.

But her come back..the fact that she was able to recover, take courage and learn to trust another man is inspiration to us all.

She could not have done it alone- such strength can only come from God.

Reflect on your past experiences where someone has betrayed you. Did you forgive that person ? Or are you still holding a grudge. Your bitterness may be hindering you to move on and excel. Forgive and let God fill that void with blessings.

Happy Friday

Queencaz x


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