Azonto – only when applicable

While out at a boat party over the weekend I could not help but notice how 70% of the guys would Azonto to nearly every track the DJ played.

Even to an R&B track #really


For those who don’t know what Azonto is-where have you been? Anyway I will let this track by Fuse ODG featuring Tiffany school you.

Admittedly only a handful of guys had the “Azonto SWAG” I.e keeping to the beat, two stepping and adding a little umph to it.

Regardless this was no excuse toΒ  abuse the dance move- no matter how cute you are πŸ˜‰

One particular incident that had me in stitches came about when a gentleman approached to engage in a conversation with me. Despite theΒ  interest being zero to nothing I was polite enough to exchange a few comments back. He decided to try other avenues to impress and show off his Azonto moves.

Oh boy!!

Unlike the other “Azonto Swag heads” this particular gentleman’s moves lacked character, timing and the influence of alcohol also played a part in inhibiting his efforts. The fact that he was pouting his lips the entire time didn’t help.

Am I the only one bothered about! this overutilization of Azonto?

On another note the Dougie dance is another to be used only when applicable.

Share your thoughts…



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