Blessing in Disguise

The clock reads 17:56 aka rush hour madness in London

I just clocked off work and I am heading to the train station

My thoughts wrestle on whether I should undo my box braids, wash my hair and let my natural fro- fro.

On the other hand I think of the food shopping I need to do and what I can cook for dinner tonight.

Snap back to reality the train rolls into the platform and I am lucky enough to get a seat #thankGod

As my 6 stops journey begins I notice a lady sitting across from me vigorously writting something on a piece of paper she ripped from an envelope she took from her bag.

One stop before my exit, the carriage gets a bit more crowded and the body odours come out to play. “The next station is Bank” the train announces, I notice the lady stretching her arm across to connect with mine and hands me piece of paper she had jotted.

It read:

Do you have someone waiting on God for a baby? Let her buy a baby cloth and pray to God with it and keep it for her baby to wear as evidence of God’s work. In Jesus name.

I thought I would share with y’all as this message may be a blessing to someone out there.

God works in mysterious ways and he can use whoever to be an inspiration or a blessing in your life.

All you need to do is believe!!

Be blessed

Caz x


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