Kelis at Proud Camden- Review


Sings “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they are like…”


On Thursday I attended the Get Lucky Launch Party featuring Kelis held at Proud Camden. #goodstuff

However I have to say I was highly disappointed firstly after having paid for tickets online I later found out that a few people attended free of charge.

Good thing the tickets I paid for were only £5..phew!!

From the promotional information from the organizers the show started at 7 and last entry was around 10:30 (what a lie)

After arriving to the venue, going past the I.D/security and ticket checks – me and my girls walked into an empty venue. A little surprised however glad that we had the first dips into a seating area we headed to the bar where shots were £2-3.50

Couldn’t have asked for anything more. 🙂

A few more people drifted into the venue as the time neared 8pm. However still no kick off.

What made matters worse there was no re-entry into the venue so there was no chance of popping out for a quick snack. With the girls we plotted a plausible story to give to the security man in order to go to the shops-seeing as though the show was already delayed this seemed like a good idea. We later abandoned that idea after discovering that the venue sold beef burgers.

To be honest they were nothing special.
Desperate times but this would do for the time being.

On the way to the toilets which are secluded from the venue my friend discovered a poster with the timing of the performances. As you can understand I was gutted to find out that Kelis was live at 23:30.


2 hours and 30minutes to kill

My third frustration was aimed at the organizers as I failed to understand why they didn’t advertise this VITAL information everywhere around the venue and on their website prior to the day of the event?

Regardless of the performance times the schedule did not run on time at all. The clock read 23:30 with no Kelis in sight. The delayed anticipation continued as there was no announcement as to what was happening rather the DJ (apparently was Calvin Harris) drowned our ears with cheap house beats, awful mixing and flashing lights.

Talk about a headache.

8 minutes after the hour of 12am Kelis was still not on set- whether it was her “DIVA” or should I say “BO$$Y” behaviour or the lack of time keeping from the organizers or a bit of both. I reluctantly made my huff and puff exit in order to catch the last train home

To conclude I ended up missing the last train, got home around 3am only had a couple of hours of sleep before my alarm buzzed off to get ready for work.

#Thank God it’s Friday

When I reflect on this night I ask myself “Was it even worth it”?

Word of advice to the organizers.. time management is key

Even though I didn’t get to see Kelis (the main reason of attending) I enjoyed the performances of the group YYZ.

Indeed don’t believe the hype.

Caz x


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