Tuesday Inspiration

Just a wanted to share..

In everything give thanks knowing that your redeemer lives so you should be certain that there is hope tomorrow

For he has given us glory and joy why should we not thank him

If you are able to think deep and reflect on your life you should see no reason not to give glory to God

Think of the Story of Jonah- despite not listening to God’s commands, Jonah was still favoured and saved from the fish bellyin order to complete his invented mission for God.

“God has a place for you; He has a work for you.  Are you in that place, and are you doing that work? If not, will you not listen to the still small voice of God’s Spirit in your heart?  Will you not now listen to His Word and look to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation? Repent and obey His divine Word.  Now is the time.  This is the hour to start.May God help you go forward in faith”.

Quote from AmazingChange.org

Thought of the week: My life isn’t perfect but I am grateful

Be blessed

Caz x


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