My Lovestruck Experience

Ever attended a Lovestruck singles night out event?

Me neither until 2 years ago with some work mates- just for a laugh. To be honest it was just like a normal night out at the pub or bar, no strict policy of “you have to speak to someone” held in a lovely bar in Bank area with a 2-4-1 drinks offer.

*always a winner*

In order to play the game- as it was- one just had to indicate their ‘single’ status by drinking out of a “red straw”


Overall the success rate of even finding a guy of interest or attractive that night was K.O. dead out

*I’m picky so what!!*

So when the opportunity came around again to attend the event on Wednesday in a different location (Shoreditch) me and my girls thought “why not”  (something that we regretted saying after an hour in the bar).

From previous experience, we entered the Hoxton Pony bar with the hope that it would be somewhat better- not sure where we got that idea from.

As though walking into a slumber or Ann Summers party *lingerie not included* -the room was filled with a flock of females with a few herds of men.

Which had me question- are there more single women out there? Or perhaps women are more open/ willing to attend such nights as a way to find love?

That’s another topic for another time.

With a drink in one hand and the other straddling my handbag & coat I was willing to endure 30minutes to an hour of this sisterhood gathering.

As more and more females walked in shadowing the sheer existence of men, this was a cue for me and my girls to make an exit and grab a bite to eat instead.

I guess it’s safe to say I will not be returning to Lovestruck events. As advice to other females I would say don’t knock it till you have tried it-as it is a good & friendly dating concept. You may find your Romeo in the crowds of desperate seeking Snow Whites.

Not to knock down on the organizers but I have to share!

Thanks for listening.


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