Yes Fashion Show Review

Over the fashion week weekend myself and 2 girlfriends Emma & Vicky visited the Yes Fashion London Fashion event.

Held at the prestigious Hilton hotel in Holbourn we had high expectations of how the event would be.

Also as it was part of London fashion week and the fact that the organizers claimed to have 4 years experience under their belt it all sounded like a blast.

Arriving at the venue just after 1pm I was put off by the lack of signage.

I didn’t expect a

“You are here”

kind of sign however a little something wouldn’t hurt.

As we walked closer to the hotel reception desk we noticed a messy table with scattered paper and beverages being manned by 3 individuals- 1 seated down drifting off to space and the other two chatting away.

Approaching the desk we asked whether we were at the correct event

but one snapped back “are you on the guestlist” and continued to shuffle the already messy pile of paper.

What ever happened to good customer service?

To cut it short our names were written down on one of the papers despite having purchased a ticket online with the electric bar code on my mobile phone as proof and were told to come back at 3 pm when the show starts.

#epic we now had 2 hours to kill.

Returning to the event from an hour & a half Nandos luncheon nothing seemed to have changed in terms of signage nor the enthusiastic staff.

My clock read 14:50 and according to the instructions given before I was expecting the show to be starting on time (3pm) and attendees to be already seated.

Boy was I wrong.

According to one of the event staff they would open the doors at 3pm as he pointed across to a bar seating area motioning for us to wait.

I don’t know about you but I am not so patient when it comes to waiting especially when I am not informed of the reason and the length of the wait.


Despite the 3pm advertised time, the doors did not open until 4:30. :Ø

The lack of professionalism during the entire show was unbelievable. Walking into the room the catwalk area had about 50 in total, a few people where already seated as we entered.

The front row seats were empty without a “reserved” notice on them and myself and the girls proceeded to occupy the seats.

Momentarily feeling like VIP’s we were rudely motioned to move to other seats by one of the event staff despite being ushered to sit in the front row.

It wasn’t until mid way the show and about 5 turfs away from the front row seats later that one of the event staff took the initiative to put a reserved sign on the front row.

During my time at the event the front row hardly got occupied so I was a little confused as to why or who it was reserved for.

The lack of communication between the event staff was more annoying than anything- even the hosts were getting mixed up without hiding it.

The female host was Annalise Dayes (Britain’s Next Top Model) who openly had a few drinks before & during the show.

Not a good impression as host

As for the male host I don’t remember his name not sure if he was famous but I felt he sometimes used inappropriate sexual gestures and references despite having children in the audience.

As we sat and waited for the show to kick off- I wondered why I was still at this event.

To conclude my favourite moment was when the host Annalise gave 6 brave ladies the opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk. To be honest the audience gave the models of the show a run for their money and won in my eyes.

The kids catwalk moment made the crowd ooo, awww and ahhh. I was more entertained by their actions not so much in the clothing being represented.

As the turn off’s were many I will pick my top 3

1) The organization and timing of the coordinators was poor

2) The second catwalk show made me feel as though I was at a strip club about to throw some dollar bills- not a good sight for the children in the audience.

3) As the event was in aid of Great Ormond Street charity they used the children models to go around the audience asking for donations of money. I was a bit uncomfortable with that move.

After enduring a lengthy wait and a few rants about the organization, me and the girls decided to go to Guanabara bar and enjoyed the remainder of the evening.

To be honest we deserved it after that experience- don’t you think?

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the show, it didn’t seem worth it.

Where you at the event also? What did you think?

Caz x


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