Inconvenienced for being careful

*grabs the Mic*

Testing, testing 1 2…

Allow me to vent and share my experience with NHS services. I recently called up one of those GUM clinics (sexual health clinic) to arrange for an annual check-

you can never be too careful right!

As I am based in South East London I have 3 close choices and a further 2 more that involve a bit of travelling. 

Out of the close choices:

One closed at 4pm while the other only ran on appointments for over 25’s after 5pm. My last choice was Trafalgar Clinic which is near Queen Elizabeth Hospital and according to their website closed at 7pm.


But little did I know there was trouble ahead.

I quickly Googled the number, after several attempts of listening to the dial tone with no answer. I decided to give up.

One more try I told myself.

This time a lady with a stern-wish-I-could-be-anywhere-else voice picked up and I asked whether I could book an appointment in the week. She blurted out “walk in services open from 8am -11am and we run on an appointment basis after that. There is nothing available until the next month, so you will have to call back then – there is nothing I can do for you now”

:0 talk about customer service.

As I listened to the lady I became more aggravated not only by her abruptness and attitude but it dawned on me that I would never be able to use their services due to my work schedule unless

1) I take a day off

2) take a half day at work in order to meet the 8-11am walk in’s.

3) I look for a private clinic and pay for the service

4) I search for a GUM clinic outside my area that has suitable timings

I find this highly unfair as some of my tax money goes into the funding tank to keep such services running within communities.

Why should I sacrifice my time at work in order to meet the NHS standards?

National Health Services

Why can’t the clinics open for a longer period in order to cater to more demographics?

9-5’ivers  included.

In conclusion the timing and schedule of this service is in favour of the unemployed, or school children demographics which to a certain extent is misleading.

If you are unemployed or in school and become pregnant how will you fend for your child and buy the necessities? Without relying on government services?

What a vicious circle.

As I am writing this I am researching into other GUM clinics with suitable timings

Are you like me and are affected by this issue? Share your thoughts.

End of rant

Drops Mic


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