Pamper Sessions Event Review

Yesterday, Jennifer and I attended the Pamper Sessions event.

As this is the first time hearing about this event and the fact that

we love being pampered

we went into the event with high hopes.

Held at the Crowne Plaza Docklands,

(not too far from home)

I expected some canapes, girly talk,

champagne and strawberries to be floating around the room

to at least make us forget about the drizzly day.

You know, like a typical scene in “Sex and the city”

Boy was I wrong!!

Entry of £5 paid and a goody bag in one hand, umbrella in another we proceeded into the venue.

To my surprise the event was more of a mini trade event

exhibition stalls included make-up products, hair products, cupcakes, jewellery & more.

Some of the things mentioned in the advertisement were not present-

which was rather disappointing

+ Wii Fit LIVE

+ Music

+ Kettle Bells Fitness Demonstrations

+ Special Guests

well at least in the space of time that I was present.

Highlights of my day:

♥ Jennifer’s funny noises when getting a massage

Jennifer gets a massage

♥ Talking with Patience from Beautiful Hair Boutique

Patience, Beautiful Hair Boutique Beautiful Hair Boutique

and discovering Shea Radiance products

DSC00141 DSC00144

♥ the Amazing jewellery of Stella & dot

DSC00137 DSC00138

I decided to try out the necklace

♥ the luscious scent of laundry bean bags from Debbie aka Diamond Therapy 

I bagged some & my clothes smell lush

DSC00145 DSC00146

♥ Some vanilla whipped cream by Naturally Made for you

Overall, I enjoyed getting to know the entrepreneurs that were present

and encouraged me to pursue with my own business ventures.

Hair of the day:

Pinned up flat twist out with a fringe


Jennifer wore two strand twists with some on the side


I will be trying out the Shea Radiance and Naturally Made for You

products in the coming to come


Stay Tuned!!

Docklands View

DSC00168 DSC00171 DSC00172 DSC00176

Did you attend the Pamper sessions event? What did you think?

Caz x


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