Love conquers all…

Even bad odours?

Do you ever wonder how the pretty girl with bad breath has a boyfriend but you don’t?

Or the guy with bad B.O has a dime piece who is head over heels for him yet noone is falling for your hygienic-self.

Talking from experience, I had a friend Halitosis was her middle name

and hygiene was not always in her favor.

Other than that she was a lovable person.

But I couldn’t get over how she bagged herself a boo on several occasions during our outings together.

Which lead me to question

does love/lust conquer all.

The guys she met were able to overlook the bad breath or the B.O-

can you do the same?

Perhaps I am being too picky and looking for a well kept-deodorant loving-handsome-mannered prince charming who doesn’t exist.

Or does he?

I won’t settle for any Tom Dick nor


Caz x


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