Product Review: Herbal Essences

Ignite Muy ColourHello Hydration

I don’t know if like me- you find it difficult to find good products that respond to your natural hair.

Until today I couldn’t relate to the Herbal Essence advert


“oh yes”

as I thought it wasn’t for me nor my hair.

Since Boots have a £1.98 deal on all Herbal Essence products I decided to give it a go.

I bagged myself some Hello Hydration conditioner and Ignite my Colour shampoo.

What’s the worst that could happen right.

While shampooing, the mind boggling luscious aroma caught me off guard

I could not get over how soft and responsive my hair was feeling.

I loved the feeling of rubbing my hands over my hair r

esembling the female in the jungle with orgamic moans

(Oh yes)


Rinscing off the shampoo and damping off excess water

I applied  the Hello Hydration conditioner which gave off a coconuty fruity fragrance.

I couldn’t stop thinking to myself

why didn’t I discover this earlier”

You see prior to this I was using

Tresemme naturals shampoo

and after a while I just wanted a change as my hair felt a little dry

and was no longer responding to it.

Despite the sometimes brittle feeling it gave me, my scalp felt fresh & cleansed after each wash.

Along with some Castor & virgin oil

I put my shower cap on and deep conditioned for 30-40 mins.

Rincsing off the conditioner I could see & feel the difference in my hair.

My natural beau was softer, the curls were ignited and bouncy- I couldn’t help do a mini moonwalk for joy 😉

My trial of Herbal Essence was a success and I will be adding these products onto my shelf. 🙂

*oh yessss*


My next challenge is to try our the rest of the products range…

Watch this space


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