Queencaz: Real Talk

I recently bumped into an old time friend and we began catching up on our life stories. She was telling me how she has recently been having body image issues even to the point of considering plastic surgery and laser eye surgery.

I had a little smirk on my face as her story unfold because I thought it was a joke. She has features that some girls wish they had and men lust for- pretty face, luscious big lips,complimentary eyes and a petite frame- the features which disgust her the most.

Realizing her seriousness and wiping the smirk off my face, I reinforced her of her blessed beauty and mentioned the dangers of plastic surgery from my knowledge of watching “plastic surgeries gone wrong on E!”


Despite that not being a credible source, I felt like I had to make a valid point across to her to somewhat put doubts in her mind regarding plastic surgery.

My mind trailed off to the story of the London girls who eloped to the US to get butt implants which resulted to one’s death. Claudia Aderotimi’s story

“I know it’s a risk I have to take-but isn’t life all about risks anyway” I heard her blurt out. :0

She already had her mind set out- nothing was going to convince her otherwise- which scared me.

Like second nature I asked whether she attended church or believed in God. To the latter she mentioned how one bad experience put her off attending church but she was a believer and still prayed each day.

Phew ! There was still hope.

I encouraged her to

1) seek wisdom and guidance in the Lord, as mine or anyone else’s words were not going to convince her otherwise.

2) perhaps also speak to her parents about her concerns

3) to love and appreciate herself more and stop comparing herself to other females.

As we departed and said our goodbyes one thing was bugging me- she recently started seeing a guy who was in love with her assets. Nevertheless she was still thinking of going under the knife.

What would you do or say if you were in my position?


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