The Live Factory- Relaunch


Last night I passed through the relaunch of the live factory event with my girl Vicky.

Just like the eager behavers we are, we made it down to the venue of the event

(RichMix) just after 6:30pm

The event flyer said the show kicked off at 7:30.

Due to our early-ness we even managed to catch the band and some artist rehearsals

*lucky us*

The first act

graced the stage past the hour of 8.

By then my stomach could not avoid humming along to the sounds of the band.

As a sucker of neo-soul I enjoyed the sensual  sounds of

Delicia Elliott.


Her vocals echoed the infamous track Tyrone by Erykah Badu with a twist of her London accent.

What a way to kick start the show.


Cute face with a high top Pierre da Silva

gave off that old stool Motown yet acoustic vibe

reminding me of the lead singer of Soul 4 Real.

The poetic words of Its Chozen had the crowd in silence- engaged.


*brap brap* & *geeze*

was all that the audience could shout out in response to his spell binding words of poetry.

A punch of reality to some #tbh

Despite the not so enthusiastic nor prep’d hosts,

the cold shivers from the entrance door & the anticipated wait-

I enjoyed the live factory relaunch event.

It’s a great platform for unsigned artists to be seen & heard.

However as a previous attendee I had high hopes for the relaunch and

was not fully satisfied.

Unforgettable moment that left me wanting more….

1) the chills I got from Its_Chozen spoken word

2) the brief display of Half Nelson’s rap (best darn you never have heard)

Where you there- What did you think?


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