Dear 2012

Well what can I say?

You have been grand.

From the beginning of January you have seen me throw tantrums about my dream car,

draft ideas for my “QueenCaz Shinanigans blog

which was launched in February the same month I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being a Naturalista

(creamy crack free)


and that weekend I had a few thread glue tantrums crafting jewellery pieces for the

QueenCaz Collection.

March was a semi hectic month as it lead up to the

unforgettable trip to Madrid (eww throwing up in Starbucks)

in April right before celebrating

Joycean’s birthday closely followed by my 24th in May



The wedding bliss of Miri & Dayo, attending the Curlvolution & Curls Unleashed

events all took place in the month of June.

Kicking off the flower earring craze by exhibiting at the

Uzima event in July was bananas.


Rocking the box braids and attending

African London Fashion Week and African Bridal Show were highlights of


Seeing the leaning tower of Pisa in September

and getting a promotion at work (now Hosted Buyer Account Director)

was the icing on the cake (Thank you God).

The excitement did not stop there

dancing and singing at the Rumfest Show one weekend

to missing my flight for a work trip to Estoril, Portugal

concluded my October

“Remember, remember the 5th of November

in my case it was the 11th when my sister turned 30

and we had two parties for her celebration and on the 16th of the same month I

vacated to South Africa until December.

Mzanzi fo sho!!


Walking the streets of Soweto,

feeling the burning heat wave of Johannesburg

then cooling down with an

“oreo without oreo” ice cream.

If only I could go back and relive it all.


to the memories and achievements of 2012…only by God’s grace.

2013 I am ready for ya!


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