Today’s word spoke on the timing of God. Some people have been waiting for an answer from God unpon an aspect in their life and they are still waiting. We need to keep in mind that God is not man  just because you want an answer today does not mean you will get one.

The closer we get to God by studying his word the better we can get to understanding his timing.

God may be late in our eyes. But his timing is just perfect. Afterall he has our best intentions at heart even though sometimes it doesn’t seem so. Many examples in the bible can testify to this.

Be blessed


One thought on “#SundayBest

  1. Amen! The service was truly a blessing, we get caught up sometimes thinking about what God hasn’t done or what we want him to do, we forget about all the beautiful things he has actually done, in HIS time he makes everything perfect!

    Stay blessed to be a blessing Queen Caz 🙂

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