Nene Shines on Ebony

Nene Leakes uses diamonds as bath water on the cover of Ebony

Watch her glow.

What do you think.. Yay or Nay?

Learn more about Nene in the RHOA here and the New Normal here



2 thoughts on “Nene Shines on Ebony

  1. Of all the house wife’s in the USA Alana house wife’s are the best!!! nene is the fabulous she says it like it is. ( painful yes ) however as I watch her thinking wow a real born bitch! To be honest what ever nene would say to me it would be yes mam and no mam and I don’t mean maybe mam,who in their right would go up against nene. she is one of the strongest woman I have ever witnessed and she has made her self a supper star her road has not been easy.and the lady ( yes a lady ) regardless of her way of expression its real, pluses raised when nene gets right into their face,this woman will never back down,I hope nene goes to the top she’s earned it,would love to have a friend like nene Carole gerst 1814 880 3064

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