Am I too Picky?

As a singleton nowadays it is safe to say that we all have standards regarding the type of partner we ideally wish to date/be in a relationship with. Recently I found myself at the centre of attention describing my “ideal guy” as my coworkers lent me their ears- so to speak.

After narrowing down my pick to (in no particular order)
-must have a job
-no kids / baggage
-religious belief in God
-between the ages of 25-32
-good looking / well kept

To name a few…

Comments of “you are too picky” were mentioned by my colleagues. In my defense I feel that noone should have to settle for less and seem desperate by dating any Tom Dick & Harry just for the sake of being in a relationship.

There is a thin line between knowing your worth- what you want and just accepting whatever comes your way as if you have no choice.

Do you agree?

What are your standards?



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