There’s a blessing in your Storm

Last Sunday I attended a new church called House on the Rock based in Tufnell Park North London. Just like any new experience in life, I was sceptical on whether I would belong or even enjoy it.

Needless to say my opening experience kicked off with having to park 500 yards away from the church – wearing heels in twenty-something degree weather it seemed like a punishment. Entering the main church hall which was well lit and had a minimalist deco we were welcomed and led to the front seats by name badged, hello-good-morning-smile-on-their-faces ushers.

If you did or didn’t get the chance to attend church on Sunday I would like to share with you the sermon I learnt and was blessed by.

Entitled there is a blessing in your storm. Lead by Pastor Yemi Odejide

As a child of God and a believer in Christ I know that I am blessed therefore I do not query that God will bless me. Nor that he will fight for my battles great or small.

Philippians 4:19 rightly emphasises that “God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus”. That means a blessing is already guranteed however the question is “When”

Many of us are faced with many challenging situations “storms” you can call it and It seems that light at the end of the tunnel ” God’s blessing” is nowhere in sight or has run out, perhaps.

God’s timing is not like mans and can not be predicted. When it seems that the storm is taking over and all hope is lost stay focused on the Lord as that is when he will reveal his ability.


The truth is that most of the time the translation of the blessings from the spiritual realm & heavenly places into my world takes time.

Why does He wait for Lazarus to be dead 4 days before He shows up?
Why does He wait for me to be facing the red sea with the chariots of Egypt behind before He intervenes?
Why does He wait for all hell to break loose before He unveils His delivering hand?

Reason 1
God uses situation to give me revelation.
God uses the storm to unveil Himself to you.
Your knowledge of God prior to the stormy situation is mostly intellectual but God wants to bring you into experiential knowledge of Him. So He allows the situation to unveil Himself to you.

You do not really know Him as healer till you have been sick.
You do not really know Him as deliverer till you have been captive.
You do not really know Him as provider till you have been in lack.

So God uses the stormy situation to experientially unveil another aspect of His character.
Martha, Mary & Lazarus could not really know Christ as the resurrection and the life till Lazarus died.

Reason 2
God is a God of contrast.
Contrast is the act of distinguishing by comparing difference.
It is because of contrast that diamonds are displayed on black background so the contrast amplifies the beauty of the diamonds.
The contrast of the night sky causes us to appreciate the light of the stars.
So God uses the contrast of your storm to bring focus on His attributes.
So your storm is a SET-UP for God to SHOW UP!

So I dance in the storm because I know that Jehovah El-Contraste is about to show up! ANYBODY DANCING WITH ME?


Do not give into your storm- remember no storm lasts forever

Be blessed Caz


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