Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the heart

“He must have a car, a job with a hint of talk dark and handsome”

These were just a few of the main ingredients that made up Mary’s

ideal guy.

Not to mention having his own crib.


Aah bliss.

And Lord knows her friends were tired of hearing the same ol’ broken record

despite them dancing to the beat.

Two stepping

At first glance, Mary a well educated fashionable



twenty something,

seemed like she had it all.

Despite the one or two mishaps with Cupid.


Then came Mr X.

You see Mr X was like a pacifier,

despite having the tendency of attachment it soothed the baby

momentarily –

but nothing beats a mothers bosom.


So when Mary found herself accepting to be wined and dined by

Mr X

it came as a surprise and contradiction to her usual

dating Terms & Conditions.

Secrets of the heart


confusion diluted

Would you negate your standards for the sake of





Oh Mary

Mary quite contrary


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