Uzima Expo Review- Queencaz Collection

Uzima a phrase meaning “springs of life, energetic, vitality, wholeness, healthiness and wellbeing”

Cornway Hall was definitely oozing with energetic African vibes yesterday. 

From African drums, African & Caribbean food vendors (yum)

Jewellery, books, paintings, natural hair & skins care, poetry & loads more.

Not only did I attend but I was among one of the exhibitors along with Maw Maw London

promoting the African creativity within the community.

How exciting!! 😉

Indeed as this was my first time being at the exhibitor side of such an event

I was pleased and grateful to be even part of the movement let alone to have such

 a welcoming presence from the customers regarding my earrings. 

Overall it was a great experience and I made a new clientele list and promoted the

Queencaz Collection earrings. 

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t really get the chance to take in the whole exhibition 

Nevertheless I have walked away with new ideas and a stronger motivation to keep my talent growing.

Learning curve as they say !

with Shantel from Maw Mam London 

Some customers wearing the QueenCaz Collection Earrings 

Shiri Achu

More pictures can be found here


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