Those with ears let them hear…

Last Sunday’s church service enabled me to take a step back and analyse my actions and behaviour and of those around me

Thought I would share some of the points with yall.

Titled Are you preparing yourself:

Preparing for what? I initially thought but as the sermon went on I began to question myself.. am I prepared for the great respinsibility that God wants to give unto me?

How am I able flourish if I am not prepared?

That’s common sense right? If you want to be the best at something – to exceed – you need to take the correct steps in order to succeed.

Take for example someone praying to God for a blessing of employment. If the person is always limiting themselves in terms of the jobs they apply for or not taking the extra step of getting the training that they need in order to attain a higher level.

Then they have limited their potential and in turn God’s potential of what blessings he could have provided.

A biblical example is taken from Luke 5 v 4 Jesus speaking to Simon “put out into the deep water and lower your nets for catch”

Already Jesus had chosen Simon to be blessed and knew the results that awaited Simon- it was now up to Simon to follow through and act on his faith. However Simons reply connotes some of the downfalls we are sometimes guilty of.

“Master we have toiled all night and have taken nothing nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net”

Through his reply or lack of it Simon is doubtful of his faith in Jesus thus limiting the potential of his blessing. Jesus speaks of “nets” yet Simon throws in a net- in other words he was not ready to handle the success.

As you read on the next few verses you will see that Simon cries out for help to his fellow fishermen partners -instead of Jesus- to cast out their nets however their boats begin to sink due to the great multitude of fish.

The moral is: Simon only needed one boat to handle God’ success.

I am sure we can all relate in some way to the story above. It’s not about your skill, we sometimes think we are not qualified to take up responsibility.

Ask yourself this: am I ready to handle success?


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