#AppreciationFriday: Emily B

You may know Emily B as Fabolous’ baby mama


have seen her on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop

Heck you may not even recognize the girl

Whatever the case may be you gotta agree that

she looks #SAXXX

EmilyB – #AppreciationFriday is dedicated to you



2 thoughts on “#AppreciationFriday: Emily B

  1. OMG!!! One of my favourite posts till date!!!!!! love love, love, Emily, she embraces who she is as a woman, even though she went through a tough time with fab she stuck in there, because she believed in the love they had, these are the type of women men don’t leave, there’s good time girls only there for one minute and there’s the women that hold you hold you down, that you keep for a life time that you know you can’t lose, Fab knows what hes got in Em and he wont leave her for no 2 seconds of fun

    80/20 rule baybay lol

    Queen Caz another dope post x

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