Those with ears .. Listen

You cannot expect something from God if you are not inspecting

Despite you praying to God for a good life, good health, success, etc if you are not playing an active role in your spiritual life then how do you expect these blessings to be activated?

Are you putting your hands on the plough?

What are you willing to offer in life..

This just doesn’t apply to your spiritual ladder- this also relates in terms of your career, personal relationship and your personal being.



4 thoughts on “Those with ears .. Listen

  1. Totally agree!! a lot of the time people expect miracles to just happen which is not a bad thing,but we have to show God that we are trying our hardest and not just sitting around being lazy waiting for him to do all the work ,lets not be lazy miracle hungry people, but lets be miracle expecting people who grind HARD!!!

    In the words of Queencaz “put your hands on the plough”!

    Truly inspired!!

    Thanks Queencaz x

  2. Preach it my sister! God gave us the wisdom and ability to do things, we need to rely on his supernatural power to achieve our goals,

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