#Curlswithfriends day out

Curlvolution: I.am.Amazing

From big chops to twist outs, braids to pineapple buns even weave add ons,

mango conditioners, spritzers, vbloggers, hair magazines,

funky earrings, nail bars,

*deep breath* and food

Curlvolution had it all and a bag of chips. Plantain to be exact.

Held at the Crowne Plaza in the Docklands this event was oozing with style.

Hosted by the funny and motivational speaker

Action Jackson (the coach that wants to kick your butt to greatness)

it was set to be an eventful day out for Naturalistas. Hence the name

“Curlfriends day out”

As this was my second natural hair event I had suppressed

my expectations and just decided to go with an open mind.

I was impressed by the layout of the event room

(as an event professional I have a keen eye for detail).

The exhibiting stalls which included Black & Brown, ISIS magazine, Shea Butter Cottage, Beuatella 

 where stationed around the corners of the room which made it easier to navigate around.

Walking around the room I was inspired by the variety

of Natural hair textures that filled the room

(something I always thought couldn’t be found here in the UK )

stereotypical I know #judgemelater

I couldn’t help but smile and be proud to be amongst such a community.

I also enjoyed the Q&A session where the guest vbloggers  

Laila- Fusion of Cultures.

Pelumi- Care For Your Hair.

Crystal – CrystalAfro

Fiona- Love Your Tresses.

Wunmi- Woman in the Jungle

took to the stage to tackle a few questions as well as share their own hair journey experiences.

As Fiona- Love Your Tresses shared a story about how her

commitment to her natural hair journey is an issue to her

boyfriend as he prefers her wearing weaves “the sleek look”

I was taken back to hear how one can wear their hair a certain way

can cause a rift between a relationship.

Which reminded me one of my recent repost which read

Is Natural hair getting in the way of your dating?

Another comment was from a female who expressed her father’s disappointment when she did her Big Chop

and he cried out “How will you get married”?

The emphasis put on hair …Shocking!!

The big chop was performed by the A Team stylists of Adornment365 

The volunteers of the Big CHOP!

Emotional Moment for the ladies

Glowing Finishing Touch

Crystal – CrystalAfro and Laila- Fusion of Cultures.

Nyla of Kulchic Beauty 

Caz and Jen

The lovely Dija 

 Had jokes with this girl Giselle 

It is one thing taking a bold step and decide to transition give up the creamy crack,

do the big chop and become natural -go against the “norm”

It is another to have the confidence to face a society that

subconsciously feeds our minds that to be beautiful you have to have shoulder length wavy flowy hair.

Im disciplined. I’m focused. I’m done.

My Likes:

1) Inspirational talk from Action Jackson-

despite a friend of mine being sceptical about the chanting  referring it to a “cult thing”

2) Pamper corner- despite missing my £4 nail offer from Nickys Nails**

3) Goodie Bag- Need I say more

4) Networking Opportunity-

I got to push forward my Earrings collection (yay me)

5) I managed to bag myself some Mango Twist and Moisture Custard from BeUnique

I can honestly say this event was inspiring

enough for me to take a stand and embrace my natural hair.

If all naturalistas take a stand and do not let the status quo faze nor

oppress them

We can rewrite history and be an inspiration to the future generation.. our daughters.. granddaughters.

Where you also at Curlvolution?

What were your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “#Curlswithfriends day out

  1. I’d never heard of natural hair events (wish I would’ve know that when I was younger!), but they seem really inspiring and wonderful, thanks for sharing this, it looks like it has been a great experience for you!

    • Millie it truly was an experience Natural hair events are a big thing in the US and its about time the UK jumped on this bandwagon as there are a lot of UK naturals here too 🙂

      It’s never too late to start attending such events

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