Curls Unleashed #LavishUK

Thursday 7th June I attended my first Natural Hair meet up event with my friend Jennifer who is more of a pro in this ‘natural hair’ game than I am.

From watching videos and pictures of various US meet-ups  from fellow bloggers like Mae (Natural Chica) and KnottiNikki I always wished I could be part of such an event and community

Therefore when I heard of the #LavishUK event of course I was game to attend.

Oh the excitement 😀

Despite being a Naturalista for 1 year and a few months I have not

really attended any meet-ups #judgemelater

#LavishUK was a product launch event from

Curls Unleashed Organic Root Stimulator sponsored by Gidore Hair

Hosted at the lovely Grace Bar

Upon entering the venue we were greeted by the lovely Curls Unleashed staff

Walking around the venue it was nice to see the nail bar

and the make up area to beautify the Naturalista attendees.

To be honest I was tempted to bag myself a few lashes and a new colour for my nails

however the heaving queue made me think twice.

Instead I decided to mingle and look who I bumped into

Nyla (Kulchibeauty), Myself and Jennifer

Good Points:

1) Goodie Bag full of Curls Unleashed hair gels and conditioner samples

2) Entertainment from the soulful Omar 

3) The lovely Natural community support

4) Mingling with fellow Naturalistas and getting inspiration

Down Points:

1) Lack of air-con in the venue (felt like my hair was going to frizz up)

2) I think the venue could have been bigger for the sake of easier navigation

Overall it was a good experience as a first Natural Hair event to attend,

this is just the beginning of many to come 😉

Me and Jennifer goofing

 The owner of the Hair Salon in Stratford (forgot her name)

Omar getting prepared

 Where you also at #LavishUK? Share your thoughts



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