Double Dipping

You know that song by Pussycat Dolls

 that goes “I don’t need a man .. I don’t need a ring around my finger” and so on.

Well I recently found myself humming the chorus and it got me thinking.

Don’t I need a man? What does that really mean?

Why am I singing along to such nonsense and proclaiming false prophecies upon my future?

In true fact I do need a man it may not be this instance but I am searching and in due time I will bag myself a boo. 

I guess in PCD defence the word “need” connotes being dependent on someone and the motto of Pussycat Dolls is all about female independence. To some extent.

So I will rephrase the above statement “I want a man”
Not to sound too desperate.

It dawned on me that some of the songs that are publicized on our tv screens or blasting through our ipod speakers are not empowering nor encouraging as the artists make it out to be.

Despite the catchy lyrics and glossy HQ videos.

Take for instance the verse on a track by Roscoe Dash “all the sexy girls around the world working hard to get that cash this is your anthem go and shake your a$$ ” can imply that females only make money by working on the pole.

No “pat on the back” nor applause is accredited to the females with a good education, well grounded and make a decent living compared to the females that “do it with no hands sliding down the pole” as expressed by Waka Flocka

This second to none attitude embraced in these hip hop songs are another addition in society that give the back hand to women empowerment

Perhaps I am reading too much into this however it is wise for one to be aware of the lyrical content that is fed into your mind.

*end of rant*


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