Girls Talk

Is it just me

or are boys nowadays lacking in the height department?

Vertically challenged

whatever you may call it.

Does this mean that statement about having big feet and the big you know what correlation

(BBM wink face)

no longer applies?

Girls take cover..#realtalk

Over the weekend I happened to be in a club and it dawned on me and my girls that

85% of the guys in there were ranging from 5ft-5’6.

Not to mention the baby faces

Pamper Boys I like to call them

On the other hand the girls seemed to tower over a few of the guys-

you can only imagine what happened when a slow jam track came on.

#epic to say the least

Now I for one am not a tall girl

(height anonymous)

and am even fearing that my 4 year old nephew will be mounting over me soon

but with my pair of ‘look at me now heels’

I imagined myself as Dr Manhattan from Watchmen.

Okay maybe that’s a bit OTT but you get my drift.


So what is it about tall guys? I’m sure you can agree there

is something about the tall stature that brings security, Saxxx and Swag.

Triple S

N.B Saxxx is a word I use when something or someone is beyond Sexy.

But then again you do not want to carry a step ladder

everywhere you go with your man

so the height has to be “just” right or there about.

Exhibit A

Don’t get me wrong not all tall guys have Swag and not to discriminate

short guys have Swag too. I just can’t settle for one.



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