Caberet Shinanigans


As a first timer to attend a Caberet show I was sceptical of what to expect.

I had purchased this deal from Groupon for myself and Claudia a friend.

Despite the indecisive back and forth arguments of which date to attend the show due to

work and other commitments we finally came to an agreement.
*choir sings*

Date 4th May
Location Proud Camden

It’s one thing having to pay for something,

 getting a confirmation of your attendance

then upon arrival to the venue you are told there is no recollection of your booking

or “your name is not on the list”

After a few flipchart paper fiddling and

“what’s your name, again”

double checking we proceeded into the venue.

Last time I was in this venue it was for a

iLuvLive music event

before Jessie J became famous

and I was shocked by transformation.

Sensual red black & purple drapes decorated the room

along with smoke effect and spotlights

 giving it that midnight blue ambience.
I felt like I had walked onto the set of


A BURLESQUE waitress butt cheeks hanging out holding an iPad

led us to our table which was right beside the circle black thing by the bar AKA

the stage

(savvy I thought)

Gazing around the room it was evident some folks were out on a date,

others were usual customers just getting their weekly dose of semi naked girls

and on the corner were a group of girls who just wanted to have fun.

Then there was Me and Claudia.

Bad points:

The staff were very good at making us feel like

second class citizens just because we had a Groupon voucher

By this I mean that majority of the attendees

got served their dinner before us

despite us arriving before them.

The general vibe from the staff was semi-friendly however

we did not let that dumb our night out.

Overall the night was a good laugh, I would recommend it plus a few glasses of bubbly

P.s KUDOS to the designer of the lovely dresses


Let the pictures do the talking…

pardon the quality


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