Pity Date

Have you ever been on a pity date?
This is when you have agreed to endure the company of someone you do not particularly fancy nor find attractive for the sake of passing time

Mary can testify to being guilty of
one too many pity dates in her lifetime

As she gazed towards the direction of her date
she couldnt help but feel disgusted
“was this really worth it”
she thought
The vision of him divulging his meal
poor chicken breast
bare hands
while the fork and knife
lay beside him
a sight for sore eyes
As though he were at a concentration camp
Thoughts drift to Mr June
what could have been
Summer love
Hearts racing
She cracks a smile
Brief substitution fantasy intrurrpted
By the grunting from her date’s mouth
Surely this was not the only option
Her smile betrays her true feelings
As she pardons herself from his presence
to the bathroom
But diverts for
the exit door
Frankly I should learn to say NO
she thinks
Mind races
Fails to Pinpoint the reasons
for accepting the date


One thought on “Pity Date

  1. Ooo gosh I have gone on those kinda dates before..I was bored n I just said yes to go on a date..I would like to think everyone has gone on these sort of dates once or twice in their lifetime..lol..#sadtimes

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