There she goes again

Flaunting yet another pair of those

red-lacquered sole heels

she got her own

hair glossy

she has recently been to the salon

her glide is effortless

as though floating

with every step I imagine

Chaka Khan singing

*Im every woman*

my kinda woman

Our eyes meet

she cracks a smile and waves

to my suprise

I wave back


Just like a kid

Playing hide and seek

at recess

Heart skips a beat

Time is on pause

Just for a second

Envision her M-A-C lip prints

feels like a lifetime in her presence

Peace and tranquility

If only I could stay in this


Jittery breeze knocks me out of my daydream

Caught in a whirlwind of lust

the girl next door

MRS Jones

Until we meet again


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