Sweet Nothings

Effortlessly he says “i love you”

The words roll off his tongue without emotion

No sugar coating

second guessing


I wonder if he rehearsed it in front of a mirror

How many times

To be honest I prefer the version in my dream

The Cinderella and her prince

Barbie and Ken

Happily ever after version

The one that makes you say

Awwwww sweet


And you feel all guey inside

“I love you”

Who else has he spoken those words to

I wonder if they believed

Did he mean it then than he does now

just another victim

Perhaps its my fault

I was sucker for those 3 words

For safety


Those 3 words

Ear drums ached to hear them

I know better now

Step back


As the saying goes

Players only love you when they are playing

What happens when the player gets tired of playing



Nothings sweet

Bitter lies


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