A week with QueenCaz

Kicked off

with a few drinks after work

1920 Bar (Clerkenwell)          

Picture of 19:20 Cocktail Pool Bar in City of London, London

Cocktails and Rose = TIPSY!!

 I love this bar its ideally located in the City of London (Farringdon area)

The deco is sensual fun and VERY cosy

Drinks and food prices will not break the bank

Cheap and Cheerful 😉

 Queencaz Rating of  ♥♥♥ out of 5


 CONFEX Tradeshow

 for work purposes


Have you heard of the

Vagina Monologues?

Eve Ensler infamous, witty and funny play

based on Eve’ interviews with a diverse group of women,

from a Long Island antique dealer to a Bosnian refuge.

The subjects range from fond memories of first sexual awakenings to stark recollections of brutal violence.

In conjunction with the International Womens Day I attended the

Save the Congo event

held at the Human Rights Action Centre (Shoreditch)

I didn’t know what to expect but the turn out was wonderful

Read More Here


Concluded the evening at

Big Chill (Brick Lane)

Decent bar good place to chill for the summer time

Despite being ram packed with a mixture of youths and over 30’s crowd

It was a good place to shake a leg

Queencaz Rating of  ♥♥ out of 5


On Saturday

Miss Black Africa UK,

Ruvimbo Chinzou

hosted a fundraiser for the

Mother of Peace Community

I attended and further highlights of event can be found here

Mother of Peace



A day of rest and time to chill with the family


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