Save The Congo Vagina Monologues

Prior to attending the show

I was not aware of what the Vagina Monologues were

nor the author

and if it was politically correct

for me to attend such a show.

The title of the show was intriguing yet taboo

* hides face*

The more I questioned about the event and researched into it the more I was inclined to attend.

The event was held in conjunction with

Save The Congo charity to

raise awareness of Congolese victims of Rape.

Despite not being Congolese

I wanted to show support to a good cause.


you dont have to be from Congo to show support.

As I strolled into

the Human Rights Action Centre

(first time being in the venue)

I was greeted by smiley face ushers wearing

I Love my Vagina- STOP sexual atrocities in DRC tshirts

(unfortunately I didn’t take pics)

As I glanced around the venue

I could see women

with different styles from

box braids to weaves,

skinny jeans and heels to skirts with pumps,

natural Afro and headwraps.

Let’s not forget about the men

whether they were with their girlfriend, guy friend or alone they also came out to support.

Cheese and wine kick started a networking vibe

as the attendees waited in the foryey before the show began.

A few belly grumbles cheap wine breath and the clock nearly stricking half 8..


we were ushered into the performance hall.

Note the show was supposed to start at 19:30 but who is keeping track right??

I envisioned the setting of the show

to be that of a 50s/ 60s bar theme with props on the stage and accompanying lighting.


(well sort of)

The reality fell short of my vivid imaginations of how the show would be.

The stage was not dressed up at all other than the 5 stools

used by the narrators including

 Miss Congo UK (Jennifer Lutu)

A few moments of laughter were shared as some monologues were resited

Especially when Emilie performed the different types of sex moans

(includes Miss Congo UK, Model Lisette Mibo, Vava Tampa other actors)

Dont get me wrong

I am NOT bad mouthing the event

as it was an entertaining way to raise awareness

Just pointing out the extra mile they could have gone.

The evening was rounded up with thanks and acknowledgments from

Lisette Mibo

as the Ambassador for the charity

Pretty isnt she!

Overall I had fun and I found a new charity to support

When Nike says, just do it, that’s a message of empowerment. Why aren’t the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?

Naomi Klein


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