Worth The Wait!


As they queued to purchase their

Odeon cinema tickets,

  dressed in demin jeans and her favourite pair of “

“look at me now” heels

 she couldnt help but pinch herself-was this real?

 Here she was standing next to Mr June

 (an image she had only dreamt of)

not hand in hand

but face to face was sufficient for now.

As Mr June

slowly reached to grab his wallet

a sigh of relief

 escaped her breath as she envisioned a moment of hesitation

as a signal for her to cough up the total.

I know you maybe thinking

 “women can pay for dates too”


 but that’s another story for another blog-

frankly this date was overdue

 every freebie moment had to be enjoyed to the fullest


<<< Rewind <<<

 to when they first met.

After a club night

 while waiting for a cab

 “Can I speak to you Miss”

are the words Mary heard whispered over her shoulder.


she turned around to face the mystery

voice and there stood a dimple-on-the-cheek smartly dressed guy in his mid twenties.

They shared a friendly smile 🙂

 Numbers and the usual need-to-know questions were exchanged.

It is safe say Mr June passed the instant checklist

 job car  and single 

We all have standards right.

As weeks turned into months

Mary rapidly upgraded her status from

 “excuse me Miss” to that sweet thang that keeps him warm at night.

Late night phone calls and early mornings

were part of the routine.

However this status never lasts long.

How does one retain their #1 girl status and avoid becoming sloppy seconds?

Something Mary had to face the harsh reality of.

That’s only half of the story

To Be Continued ♥



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