me, her, she, them- US

The roots on her head whether

natural or texturized

short or long

brazilian or yanky

wavy or tied in a bun

blonde, black, brown or blue

she wears it well

Piercing eyes that cut through your heart

you cant look away

you are hooked in her gaze

indulge her succulent lips

touch so smooth and caring  its cryptonite

You are fragile


in her presence

but yet you yearn for one more peek

curves sculptured second to none

Picasso eat your heart out

Her ambience shouts FREEDOM


she takes on the hardship of the world

work, home, kids, MEN

but her smile and laughter shields the pain

and brings her sanity

But just don’t take my word for it.

As we highlight this day as International Woman’s Day

next time you see a woman

show her some love


acknowledge her presence

Not only today

but forever after

*Throws Fist Pump in the Air*


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