No Instructions Included…

In January 2011 I decided to do what most know as the “big chop

chopping off the treated ends of

my hair in order to start my “Afro-feel-good-journey

you like my choice of words 😉

The constant burns from my semiannual  dose of the creamy crack was a major turning point

One Day just like Chrisette Michele  it came to me like an Epiphany and as for the rest “No Instructions Required

As a Naturalista its only right that I share my natural hair Journey

as that is our common trait….

Below are a few pictures showcasing this journey in no particular order.

A few pointers: Big Chop: Jan 2011 // Last relaxer early 2010//

Every “Afro-feel-good-sista” has a Natural Hair Idol,

whether they are TWA, Kinky, Coily, Curly or just plain NAPPY We all have them..

Share yours!!



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