Zumba and Loving It!!

 “Kat Deluna-Run the Show” 

burst through the speakers

which was the signal for about 30 girls

ranging from20-30 something year old to start

stepping left and right motioning their

hands up and down in a fist pump action.

My Eyes were fixated on the blonde wearing black

trousers and a speedo bra (show off), her abs were to die for!!

With every twist and turn sh did the crowd tried their best to mimic her,

thank God I can shake what my momma gave me.

No matter what mi-week madness these ladies had faced earlier in the day–

we were all present in this dim-lit underground feel venue called Bar Rumba for the common purpose


Beyonce and Shakira sang Beautiful Liar

and the rythematic movements simultaneously

changed into salsa twistsand ocean wave arms.

A feeling of SEXY beast came over me and thought I could conquer the world

with my hip sways (not to outshine Wonder Woman but YES!!)

Looking around the room I could tell that other females were

thinking the same thing however this statement is not for everyone.

It was evident some females were having a hard time keeping

to the beat let alone controlling the rythm of their hips.

The reggaeton beats of Pitbull embraced our

eardrums and involved uptempo movememts

which increased heart rates.

Ass gyrating and hips tossing left and right were

the move of the moment- any guy entering the room would have

thanked God thinking he walked into auditions for a Hip Hop vid.

My thoughts were interrupted as the instructor shouted

“girls move your bum as if you have a pencil there and you are drawing the figure 8”

To some these words of encouragement helped them

“shake their tail feather” or “junk in the trunk” vigorously than before.

I have to admit admit the playlist alone was keeping me entertained,

I was tempted to ask the instructor for a tracklist to upload on my

Ipod when I got home but decided against that move.

Overall ZUMBA is a good laugh 🙂

and if you are one who doesn’t like the thought of being in the gym

then call a couple of your friends and get down to a ZUMBA class.

Perfect activity to do after work to keep that adrenalin flowing

WARNING!! Not all Zumba classes are the same-

I can vividly remember my first ZUMBA class encounter in a fitness centre in Marylebourne.

The instructor was #epic to say the least as a first timer I felt like a baby zebra lost amongst a pack of lions–

No happy ending there..



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